Side-Autoloading of JavaScript Assets

For autoloading of JavaScript it is important, that files are named using camelCase:



The following JavaScript scripts will always be loaded and bootstrap the application's JavaScript, thus must always be present:

Often you've got JavaScript that is specific to a single view and action. Place files using the following path schema to autoload them once a view is requested. When using AMD in these files they must use require() instead of define().

Such an autoloadable files would look like this:

require(['jquery', 'domready!'], function($) {
  // ...

Side-Autoloading of CSS Assets

Autoloading of CSS files is very similar to autoloading of JavaScript files. These Stylesheets are always loaded and must be present:

View specific CSS can be placed into the "views" subdirectory structure similar as described for JavaScript above.

All views CSS files, except those in elements, are loaded automatically when needed. However, its good practice to scope them to their page (here: views/pages/home.css):

.home .banner {
	/* ... */