B-Series consists of Bento, Bureau, Banque and Boutique. These four products can be mix ’n’ matched and extended by a wide range of high quality already available modules.

Developers access internals directly, allowing you to create custom sites without the need to build fundamentals from scratch.

Hard working content management professionals will find the admin-panel straightforward and powerful, yet easy to learn.

Bento is the foundation for all other products of the B–Series. It is built on top of the li₃ PHP Framework, the first to break ground into major new technologies. Bento also provides user management, authentication means, tagging, template helpers, data behaviors and other reusable elements. Bento provides primitives to connect you to service providers, like Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Thanks to professional features like async media transcoding and flexible version generation, does Bento handle gigabytes of audio, video, documents and images without a sweat. Media processing, respects color profiles embedded in your images to create high definition results, even for Retina displays.

  • admin-panel
  • media-explorer
  • high definition images
  • HTML5 audio/video
  • user accounting
  • strong password encryption and protection against timing attacks

Create and manage your website’s pages and posts effortlessly with all features known from other blogging systems, i.e. WordPress. Also included are tagging, embedding different types of media and a modern WYSIWYG editor.

You tweet 320 characters, write extensive texts on Facebook and post fancy pictures on Instagram? Bureau consolidates all social media content in one place through the social-stream feature. Integrate the content into your website.

Have an important event planned? With Bureau you can create events and provide date, time, place. Bureau also comes with a powerful RSVP feature, to invite your clients easily.

  • blogging features
  • social-stream
  • dynamic content
  • modern WYSIWYG editor
  • media library
  • event with invitations and RSVP
  • corporate- and artist portfolios
  • sorting via drag and drop

Banque is a complete accounting system leaving little to be desired. Write and create invoices and estimates, log complete or partial payments and more. Your accountant will sure be quite happy. As well as your tax consultant.

Export your invoices directly as a PDF. If you wish, on your own letterhead. After all it’s there for that.

Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves. Banque guarantees the highest precession when handling gross or net prices. No penny will get lost when settling the invoice. Nowhere, we promise.

  • exact calculations
  • flexible invoices and estimates
  • tax zones and currencies
  • termination and standing orders
  • auto-invoicing
  • estimates
  • fully customizable PDFs

Have you ever tried to develop using a standard eCommerce system? Picking a template from hundreds, all not quite matching your vision?

Find the right design tonality for your clients with Boutique. Enabling adequate design and design freedom are the two main reasons why we developed Boutique.

Manage your products, combine them in groups and get shipping costs calculated dynamically by the system. All with consistent order and delivery processing, including payment methods like PayPal, invoicing or debit card.

Boutique includes Banque by default.

  • products and product groups with inventory
  • payment by debit card, invoice, PayPal or credit card
  • watchlist
  • delivery processing and PDF delivery notes
  • vouchers
  • one step ahead of competitors
  • no off-the-shelf templates
  • full internationalisation
  • developer-friendly
  • role-based access control (RBAC)
  • high-performance und throughput
  • solid data with transactions